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Sow Barn, Norwich

Sow Barn

City:  Norwich, ON
Status:  Completed 2019

This large sow barn was installed in 3 phases. Both Stubbe's Redi-Mix and Precast Divisions worked together to complete this project. A total 4,475 m3 of poured concrete and a total 122,000+ sq.ft of precast supplied and installed.  

  • 61,600 sq.ft. typical finishing slats for loose housing
  • 35,600 sq.ft. custom breeding/gestation slats
  • 19,400 sq.ft. custom farrowing walking slats
  • 3,000+ sq.ft. slats for hallway
  • 1,400 sq.ft. solids for the utility room
  • 900 sq.ft. slats for the shipping room