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Core Purpose and Values

Core Purpose

To provide sustainable jobs in an enjoyable and motivating work environment enabling employees to provide for themselves and their family and to secure the future success of the company.


Core Values

We value employees that optimize their time at work and are willing to put in the hours required to get the work done.

 Team Player
A team player helps other team members accomplish a shared goal by using his/her individual strengths to the benefit of the team. As a team, pursuing a common goal, we stand much stronger than a number of individuals each pursuing their own.

We commit to deal with people in an equitable, honest, fair and just way in alignment with our Christian morals and values and expect our employees to do the same. This also means we will ensure we comply with applicable standards, laws and regulations as set out by various regulatory bodies.

Employees that are committed to their jobs, show loyalty towards the company and perform the tasks assigned to them correctly and within set standards and time lines. Stubbe’s can only be dependable if its employees are dedicated and can be depended on.